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Frank Del Barto and Jennifer Watson Spoke at the GACC Virtual Midwest SME Forum 2020


On August 12, 2020, Frank Del Barto, Chair of Masuda Funai’s Employment, Labor & Benefits practice group and Jennifer Watson, Co-Chair of Masuda Funai's Corporate, Finance & Acquisitions practice group spoke at the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) Virtual Midwest SME Forum 2020. Designed to support small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with achieving their goals, the Midwest SME Forum provided attendees with the tools needed to implement and maintain effective growth strategies.

Frank Del Barto was part of a panel discussion entitled “Cyber Security: Challenges for the Remote Workforce.” As many businesses worldwide quickly converted to remote workforces in response to COVID-19 and many have indicated that their employees will continue to work remotely post COVID-19, Frank discussed several risk reduction strategies related to the increased cybersecurity threats inherent in remote workforces. Because a cyberattack via a remote employee can bring any business to a halt, Frank and the other panel members also discussed contingency and disaster planning.

Jennifer Watson was part of a panel discussion entitled “Profit is Fiction, Cash is Fact: Cash Flow Management” which covered some real-life examples and various pitfalls to avoid in the M&A process. As Jennifer and the panel discussed, cash flow management, control over short-term cash flows and working capital have never been more critical than in these turbulent times. That said, Jennifer also noted that the M&A market continues to remain active for companies with healthy finances that are looking to diversify or to buy competitors.

The GACC Midwest, founded in 1963, is an integral part of the German Chamber Network (AHKs) with 140 offices in 92 countries around the globe.