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Masuda Funai is involved in business litigation and the resolution of commercial disputes in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies throughout the country. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of business sectors and experienced in resolving serious, “big ticket” disputes pertaining to contracts and the sale of goods, trade secrets, fraud, deceptive trade practices, antitrust claims, equipment leasing, breach of warranty, accounting, secured transactions, collections, repossession, product recalls and Uniform Commercial Code disputes, among others. We efficiently assert our clients’ claims and defenses, from large cases to more modest disputes.

Businesses today are often faced with a climate of conflict that can create problems between customers and vendors, management and shareholders, or various competitors. In the event a problem becomes unavoidable and the court system is the only viable path to resolution, we vigorously advocate our client’s position through trial and on appeal when necessary. We also guide clients through any available ADR options, as circumstances warrant.

In many situations, the time that passes from the beginning of a case to resolution can be long, disruptive and expensive. Our firm is known not only for balancing the time and cost associated with commercial litigation, but also for expediting the process in the event it benefits our client. Under appropriate circumstances, we also use injunctions, writs and other prejudgment remedies to gain immediate relief and create a tactical advantage for our client.

On many occasions, our clients have to deal with collections and other unpaid obligations that are critical to their business operations, cash flow management and continued profitability. We know how to use quick-strike litigation strategies aimed at achieving immediate results and preserving potential sources of recovery. Our litigators are proven advocates and accomplished negotiators who understand how business considerations impact a commercial dispute. Regardless of the size or complexity of the claim at hand, our objective is to protect client interests at every stage of the dispute resolution process.