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Well-drafted employment agreements are critical to protecting the many interests of employers. A clearly written employment agreement will establish the relationship between the employer and the executive or other employee. These agreements include standard terms of employment – length of the agreement, compensation, commissions and reasons for termination. Equally important, provisions protecting the employer’s intellectual property and confidential information, as well as non-competes and restrictive covenants limiting the rights of current and former employees to compete with the employer or solicit the employer’s customers and employees can be included. Employment agreements may also address tuition reimbursement, training and processing of visas and green cards.

In this age of telecommuting, secondments and working digitally, employment agreements set the parameters for job duties and expected results. Masuda Funai reviews, negotiates and drafts all types of employment agreements, practices and procedures that lay the foundation for a productive work environment and positive business culture.

Whether an employment agreement is for an executive, high-level professional or an entry-level employee, the wording of such agreements can have a serious impact on an employer’s bottom line years and even decades after the initial signing. Our firm’s lawyers provide both the experience and ability to draft, negotiate, enforce and litigate the documents’ key terms pertaining to compensation, termination, severance and non-competition. Clients appreciate our attorneys’ business-centered guidance and advice on developing defensible agreements that will meet the employers’ goals and withstand efforts by employees to avoid or violate their obligations.