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Businesses involved in the food and beverage industry know that complying with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other agency regulations is paramount to their bottom line. As the new era of food security brings frequent change in this area, food and beverage suppliers are faced with increased scrutiny and new challenges and opportunities. As a result, practical and forward-thinking legal counsel that meets the needs of food and beverage businesses is critical to their immediate and long-term success.

Masuda Funai represents domestic and foreign-owned food and beverage businesses on various aspects of FDA compliance, recalls, disclosures and inspections. We know how to apply complex laws — such as the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) and California Proposition 65 — to the everyday business decisions facing our clients.

Our representation in this area ranges from initial market strategies and product development, submissions, GRAS assessments and notices; to agency inspections and responses; to advice on labeling, advertising and “health” and “all natural” claims; to manufacturing processes and ongoing reporting requirements. Our experience in working on such matters is significant.

In addition, we counsel and represent our clients on import/export-related matters involving Customs. This advice includes documentation and support for the admission of food and beverage shipments into the U.S., as well as guidance for importers during Customs and FDA examinations of import shipments.