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Our attorneys work with clients in identifying and overcoming the challenges associated with land use and the creation of defensible entitlements involving urban, rural, suburban and coastal development and redevelopment. We have successfully navigated our clients through and beyond — from start to finish — even the most complicated land use and entitlement projects across the country. We also advise on smaller-scale land use and entitlement matters that require our assistance only at certain junctures.

Working with land planners, architects, surveyors, civil engineers and local officials, our attorneys negotiate and document important land use-related contracts such as development agreements, subdivisions, CC&Rs, PUDs, annexation agreements, easements, recapture agreements, water rights and applications for zoning opinions, variances, special use permits and rezoning. For most of our clients, underlying land use and entitlements are tangible commercial goals, so we focus on providing solutions that have the best possible chance of positively impacting their specific development agenda. We advise on Brownfield revitalization, greenfield development, condominium conversion, cultural resource and historic preservation, wetlands and endangered species compliance, agricultural and open space preservation and we vigorously advocate our client’s position in the event of project opposition at any level.