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Masuda Funai advocates the rights of owners, investors, developers, lenders, landlords, tenants, receivers and commercial and retail brokers in the full array of disputes and litigation that can arise when buying, selling, financing, leasing, managing and developing real property. We understand the intricacies of the regional and national real estate markets, and our legal prowess in real estate law and litigation and our unwavering focus on problem-solving in the most cost-effective and timely way imaginable, are the reasons our clients turn to our real estate litigators.

Our experience includes a wide variety of real property disputes such as purchase and sale breaches of contract, lease defaults, ejectments forcible entries and detainers, title defense, easement protection, judicial and non-judicial foreclosure, partnership disputes, zoning, subdivision, soil subsidence, construction and architectural issues, eminent domain, environmental contamination, compliance and remediation, mechanic liens and brokerage claims. We have successfully practiced at the trial and appellate court levels, before the full array of alternative dispute resolution panels, as well as represented our clients’ positions before councils, committees, building departments, rent control authorities, commissions and other public agencies.

Particularly in the real estate industry, litigation and the courts do not always provide the most efficient way to resolve acrimony, particularly when a dispute must be handled quickly and with the goal of ultimately preserving the business relationship. As a result, we are highly adept in mediation, arbitration, productive and behind the scenes negotiation and conciliation that results in resolving even the most complicated and heated disputes.