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Masuda Funai's George Kobayashi and Tadashi Tahara Collaborate on Insightful Article for Business Houmu Magazine


Masuda Funai’s George Kobayashi (President) and Tadashi Tahara (Associate) have co-authored the compelling article "A Practical Guide to Reviewing U.S. Nondisclosure Agreements." This informative piece is featured in Business Houmu Magazine, a highly regarded legal publication by Chuokeizaisha, widely appreciated among Japanese attorneys and corporate legal professionals.

Offering valuable insights into the complexities of U.S. nondisclosure agreements, this article serves as a practical resource for legal practitioners navigating international contracts.

For more details on this article or to subscribe to Business Houmu Magazine, visit George Kobayashi and Tadashi Tahara's collaboration exemplifies Masuda Funai's commitment to sharing legal expertise on a global scale.