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The current economic climate for immigration is one of increased scrutiny, a tightening of the visa process on all fronts, and a heightened focus on domestic job creation and specifically, U.S. economic growth. Our veteran immigration and business lawyers are totally dedicated to remaining at the forefront of today's political uncertainty in immigration and foreign investment policy. Where many see obstacles and obstruction, we work tirelessly with our foreign-owned business and investment clients to identify opportunity amidst the tidal wave of change. At Masuda Funai, we are business lawyers who understand every facet of immigration law and foreign investment.

Our foreign clients appreciate the firm's many decades of experience working at the apex of inbound business investment and immigration law. We have successfully guided foreign-owned investors and companies from around the world and, in particular, from Japan and Europe, in devising robust business plans for U.S.-based investors and businesses. Regardless of the economic or political climate — and we have experienced countless change over our many decades of practice in this area —our lawyers serve as practical legal strategists when it comes to accomplishing business objectives pertaining to immigrating to the U.S.

When foreigners invest in the U.S., ever-evolving requirements must be met in order to obtain the necessary visas. We know this process well, and understand every aspect of incoming investment and the requisite visas required. We work closely with foreign clients to obtain E-1, E-2, E-3, O, L-1 and EB-5 visas. We perform immigration-related due diligence pertaining to investment projects, and act as true counselors from conception through execution of the "bigger picture" project as a whole.

Often, our client seeks not only to invest in the U.S. or a domestic business, but also desires to live in America either temporarily or permanently. On many occasions, such clients also seek to hire and/or bring in foreign professionals to manage their investments and business. Our attorneys are at their best when advising on hybrid, multi-faceted business investment and immigration initiatives, providing full-service advice and strategy at every phase of development and in any commercial or political climate.