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Even with the best of intentions, business partnerships can fray and, unfortunately, completely unravel. Masuda Funai offers a track record of success in resolving even the most contentious partnership and closely-held corporate disputes and dissolutions. Because conflict from inside a company can be more debilitating than any external threat, even-handed negotiation in the face of often intense emotion is paramount to realizing the right result. Our attorneys know, from personal experience, that the way in which a partnership or shareholder dispute is handled will often make the difference between financial loss and the desired outcome.

Our firm provides the entire range of dispute resolution services, including the resolution of claims pertaining to partnership, limited liability company, shareholder and termination agreements. We work with our clients to mitigate dissonance and discordance before it can become tangled beyond reconciliation. In the event dissolution is the only viable path for our client, we design meaningful action plans that have the best possible chance of maximizing recovery. Should litigation ensue, we steadfastly champion our client’s position and assess probable outcomes, including the analysis of risk, time and expense. We litigate the full array of claims pertaining to partnership disputes, a sampling of which includes breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, mismanagement and dissolution actions.

We counsel clients on all sides of a partnership dispute, including representation of the company/majority, 50 percent owners and minority stakeholders. Our tangible success includes defeating a takeover attempt and forcing a share purchase and change in the control of the company. We advise both foreign and domestic companies, and have represented a Russian-based company, a Japanese company and an American company with a Belarussian and Ukrainian work force and base, to name a few. Our skill in business law is particularly useful in resolving these types of disputes, with or without litigation, in mediation or arbitration proceedings.