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Masuda Funai 2021 Virtual Employment Seminar Series: Reflections and Perspectives: Employee Benefits Changes in 2020/21 and Going Forward - Where Do We Go From Here?



October 7, 2021
12:00-1:00 pm CDT


Online Webinar

In response to COVID-19, the federal government enacted several major pieces of legislation that directly impacted employee benefits. Some benefit changes were mandatory and others optional. Several states and cities have begun to require companies to participate in government run retirement plans if the company does not sponsor a plan. The Internal Revenue Service updated its 401(k) plan correction manual to encourage more companies to voluntarily correct 401(k) plan failures. Companies are still subject to excessive fee 401(k) lawsuits. President Biden has endorsed a national program that would mandate companies to provide paid family leave for employees. Other benefit plan changes are coming at the state and federal level. During this webinar, Masuda Funai attorneys will:

  • Review the key aspects of the major pieces of legislation
  • Summarize the various city and state run retirement plans
  • Discuss the importance of the 401(k) correction manual changes
  • Provide an update on 401(k) lawsuits against employers
  • Consider the possible impact of paid family leave
  • Provide some benefits insights for 2022 and beyond

Questions? Please contact Renee Medema at or 312.245.7500.