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ケントン・クノップ弁護士と佐藤 嵩一郎弁護士が執筆した論文が「国際商事法務」に掲載されました。


The article "An Overview of Data Breach Notification Laws in the U.S. and Japan" is featured in Kokusai - Shoji - Homu (International Business Law and Practice), a journal published by the Japanese Institute of International Business Law, Volume 49, No. 3, March 2021. Kenton and Ko provide comparative insights on data breach notification laws in both the U.S. and Japan. Click here to access a listing of IBL articles.

The Japanese Institute of International Business Law, Inc., commonly known IBL, is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1962 with a membership of companies, associations and law firms and incorporated in order to acquire various overseas materials for distribution to members and others as well as to assist members to utilize the materials, to know about changes in the world economy and to effectively settle the manifold legal problems arising from the business activities of Japanese enterprises in international business.