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増田・舟井が、ゼンショーホールディングスへの全株式の譲渡(譲渡額:2.57億ドル)において、Advanced Fresh Concepts Corporationを代理しました。


Masuda Funai represented the shareholder of Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. (“AFC”) in connection with the sale of AFC to Zensho Holdings for $257 million. With more than 4,000 sushi and Asian cuisine counters in the United States, Canada and Australia, AFC is the largest North American franchisor of supermarket-based food service counters. Zensho Holdings is the largest food service company in Japan by sales and one of the top-ten food service companies in the world, operating 425 overseas Sukiya restaurants primarily in Asia and South America.

Joji Kagei and Greg Wright led the Masuda Funai transaction team, which included significant contributions from Jennifer Watson, David Alexander and Ryu Fukuyama.

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