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ファズィラ・ベイド弁護士とマイク・ゴーレンソン弁護士がそれぞれ執筆した記事が、三菱UFJ銀行の会員制情報サイト「MUFG BizBuddy」で人気記事としてランク入りしました。


Masuda Funai is pleased to announce that Fazila Vaid and Michael Golenson’s articles have been ranked in the list of most accessed articles for the North American region on Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's "BizBuddy" platform. Fazila's piece, "Visa, I-94, I-797, and Status - What Do They Mean?" secured an impressive 2nd place, while Michael's contribution, "Guidance for Inventorship and Patentability of AI-Assisted Inventions," achieved a notable 5th ranking.

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